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Red Diamond a Tunisian music label established as an independent digital distribution and management label in 2019, Red Diamond had the opportunity to be the first Hip-hop Rap Label in Tunisia, and we are publishing quality music from across the Arab Maghreb and to provide upcoming talents with the opportunity to showcase their musical creations.

The Red Diamond Company was founded on September 03, 2019, by Driss Dhaouadi and Mouhammed Wadhah Kefi. Soon established itself as one of the main digital distributors operating on a national level. The company is headquartered in Bizerta, Tunisia. The company primarily specializes in music distribution to multiple web outlets including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Anghami, YouTube, rights management, and music publishing, artists management.

The company began by collecting unclaimed revenue for Rap artists on YouTube. As of December 2019 These artists weren’t monetizing their music, and when certain tracks became viral hits. Red Diamond came in claiming those tracks on behalf of the artists, and the windfall for many was life-changing.

We have a great team who are passionate about what they do; helping to nurture and develop local artists. Working with clients to maximize outcomes, Red Diamond has overseen the growth and expansion of many artists who have worked with us.

We are more responsive, more agile, and able to adapt quickly; free from the restraints of investors or parent companies: this is the reason why we deeply desire to remain independent. Unencumbered by any external constraints, we favor quality over quantity, long-term over short-term, and performance over profitability. In order to maintain and perpetuate our independence, we have always given priority to the growth of our personal equity. This way, we are able to relentlessly invest in enhancing our services, improving our tools, and developing projects on an international scale. We improving our tools and developing projects on an international scale.

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We're growing, so we're always looking for motivated people who can help us distinguish ourselves in the ever-changing digital technology and music industry.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us [email protected]


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Quick Answers

A: Where is Red Diamond located?

  • Its headquarters are located at App n°5, 2 ème étage Immeuble Carrefour, Avenue 14 Janvier، Bizerte 7000

B: Who do I contact if I’m interested in licensing a song or video from a Red Diamond artist for use in my film, television, commercial, web series, radio show, podcast , multi-media project, etc.?

  • If you would like to license master recording rights from a Red Diamond artist.

C: Red Diamond is a tunisian company?

  • Red Diamond Company was founded on September 03, 2019, by Driss Dhaouadi Mouhammed Wadhah Kefi. The company is headquartered in Bizerta, Tunisia.

D: How can booking artist?

  • Please feel free to contact us and will contact you to see how Red Diamond can assist you.

E: Can I join Red Diamond as an independent label / artist?

  • Yes, Red Diamond has a distribution model for a wide variety of labels and independent artists of various sizes. If you are an independent artist and interested in spreading your music, please submit a demo.

F: How do I submit a demo to Red Diamond?

  • If you would like to submit a demo please send us via demo page click Here.


Our Services


Fast & Responsive to your needs quickly giving us the ability to deliver your launches promptly and get access to constant analytical data on your releases. Red Diamond can help you figure out where and how to market and tour to support your releases.

Our team members have YouTube Certified status, which means that we have all the skills necessary to increase audience numbers and develop sustainable YouTube channels.

Services include:

Neighboring Rights

Neighboring rights collections are more important than ever and are one of the fastest growing sources of income in the music industry right now. Collections around the world are increasing every year, and it is safe to say that this growth will continue for years to come. Masters owners and Performers Rights in relation to released sound recordings.

One-to-One Support

We offer One-to-One support. assist you in your planning, your sales/marketing strategy, and the definition of your priorities. define what success looks like to you. We can guide you. We will work with you to achieve this goal.

Campaign Strategy

We work closely with artists and their teams to oversee projects and releases from start to finish. Our experienced team is responsible for marketing, public relations, creative design, and advertising planning, keeping in regular contact, and providing updates and analysis. Our campaign management team will go all out to take all measures to maximize growth and impact while continuing to focus on innovation. Combining our own creative, digital, and social services, we can carry out 360-degree campaigns that places the artist, identity, and brand.

Brand Partnership

For brands that use music for public promotion, we create original moments and media campaigns. From concept and strategy formulation to promotional activities, we manage all aspects of collaboration with our artists.

Backup Data

With an existing backup service, you can restore your original files if you need to, even if you lose them. our production data will be regularly archived for backup. and this reproduction is saved domestically

Playlists Marketing

We create bespoke artist playlists that are specially tailored to you and your music so that we can sustainably promote the growth of listeners and followers.

SoundCloud Monetization

Like Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms, you can make money every time someone plays your music. So, why not get more benefits from SoundCloud streaming, With our SoundCloud monetization system.

Red Link

Every platform one smart link on your social media on the day of launch, and direct your fans to many other digital music stores available. This is a powerful tool that can help you attract an audience and be successful.

Pre-Save option, you can share your new release with your fans on Apple, Spotify, and Deezer in a single link. This enables them to save it to their library, automatically follow your artist's page, and receive a notification as the release is out.

YouTube Official Artist Channel

If you are a YouTube artist, then your official artist channel (OAC) will gather all the content from each YouTube channel in one place. The channel will automatically place your music catalog on two new shelves and get access to analytics and tools that will help you engage with millions of fans.


Red Diamond customers can automatically receive a UPC or ISRC code from our system during the creation process. This is part of our service. If you have your own UPC or ISRC codes, you can use them in place of the codes we provide.

Website Development

Website is your home base and should grab the attention of all of your fans. A website that works perfectly to offer exclusive content to your fans. Your fans will get information about your recent tours, shows, new releases and more.

Artwork Design

Artwork on your new single, EP, or Album is essential for the project’s success.to distribute your project, you'll want the proper artwork. as part of our service, we always provide the highest quality

EPK Press Kit

Artist will need an EPK press kit. When doing business with partnerships, sponsors, etc. it is important that you have a professional electronic press kit that is fully updated with your main message branding. Show off your new singles, albums, or ep and let people know about your success to date while you keep them updated on your future goals.

Lyric Video

Lyric videos allow fans to follow the lyrics and connect with them, not just listening to the song itself. This is a great way to draw people's attention to what the song says.

Data & Analysis

All these data and statistics are generated by fans and then used to generate patterns and track trends. Then, Red Diamond will further examine the data and make wise decisions and recommendations based on the data.

Physical Distribution

We perceive that physical distribution layout continues to be an important part of artist and label development. We can help you get CDs and DVDs to sale on our Red Store.

Artist/Label Services Merchandising

Pair your new release with multiple product combinations and stimulate fans to order early. We're maximizing marketing and bundling sales by setting up different products with your new release, we can maximize marketing and bundling sales so that every fan can buy what they want. Our team designs creative campaigns that can increase your income and add value to fans.

Research and Development

The development of the artist, music management, and promotion is vital to your creative career. a music manager can help you grow, find your own way out in the entire industry, and find ways to make you spend more time making the music you do best-composing!

Digital Music Distribution

it is very important to provide music in digital online stores and streaming media providers. Red Diamond provides one of the most comprehensive chain stores and streaming platforms in the industry. From business partners such as Spotify, iTunes, Anghami, Deezer, Amazon. And more. We are always looking for new technologies and partners that can expand your musical influence. Together with hundreds of streaming and retail partners, your music will reach the widest possible audience.

YouTube Channel Monetization & Management

Today, more than 2.1 billion YouTube users worldwide. This makes monetizing your YouTube channel one of the most important ways to make money from your music. With the help of YouTube's Content ID, we will enable an audiovisual fingerprint on your track or music video to ensure that your material is matched across the vast and large YouTube network. With this fingerprint we can set a monetization policy, we can set a policy to monetize the video to place ads for you on that channel and/or take it down.

Music Marketing

We believe that the music trade is all concerning connecting folks and giving them the tools and data to assist them to grow. Red Diamond offers personalized marketing plans catered specifically for you, merchandising offerings, press releases, and much more. We have also partnered up with key public relations companies that can help you get the media coverage you need. Market your music with a team that works for you.

Sync Licensing

Selling music is only half of today's music industry. Music licensing is an extremely exciting and lucrative part of the industry that will use your music in new ways, expand your reach into the mainstream brings you a higher income. Red Diamond works with major players in-licensing and background music licensing. Make your music licensed worldwide.

Publishing Administration

If your music is distributed and performed worldwide and you don't have a publishing contract, your royalties with collecting societies around the world are waiting to be claimed by you. trustworthy hands.

Monthly Payments With Accounting Statements

From acquiring sales data to through contract terms, and providing clear and readable statements, reports, and analysis every month from YouTube and every quarter from stores and streaming media providers

Music Production

Are you a Singer, Musician or Songwriter requiring top quality music production? Well, look no further. Perhaps you are someone who just can't seem to finish that song in your home studio, we will professionally produce your song to an industry standard.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering services that will leave you with high quality. If you wrote a hit song but you can’t put the finishing touches on the record, We provide full mixing from your instrumentals and vocals. Focus on your talent and let us focus on the mix!

Music Video Production

Music videos are one of the best ways to captivate an audience and communicate a message. Our experienced video directors, videographers and film producers at Red Diamond will collaborate with you to create an engaging music video, including providing any help with the concept, location, equipment, etc., while also skillfully directing and editing the music video to create visually stunning content.


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